AUC Guidelines Related to the Creation of the Athletes Committee

Pursuant to the recommendation of AUC's Office of Athletics and approved by the Office of Student Life students should be well represented at all levels of the sports practiced and sponsored by AUC.


Represent the views of the athletes and make their voice heard with the Office of Athletics and all AUC constituencies.


The objectives of the committee are: 

  1. Consider issues related to the athletes and provide advice to the Office of Athletics.
  2. Engage actively with initiatives and projects that protect and support our athletes on and off the field of play.
  3. Represent the rights and interests of the athletes and make related recommendations, including the appointment of AUC sports coaches for the different sports.
  4. Maintain contact with all the different student bodies and student organizations within AUC.

Composition of the Committee

The committee has no minimum number of members. All members must be AUC enrolled students (at the time of the composition of the committee) and with a good academic standing (minimum GPA 2.5). These students should also uphold the highest standards of academic integrity, received no sanctions, or carried out any violation related to conduct and TitleIX.

The committee is composed of only student-athletes who are team captains of their respective sport (male and female) at the time of the composition of the committee and are expected to participate at the national university level (at least) in a sport sponsored by AUC and is on the National Universities Games, held by the Egyptian University Sports Federation (EUSF). Both sexes must be represented within the committee and when applicable, there should be a reasonable balance between individual and team sports practiced within AUC. The majority of the team captains/members of the committee are elected by their peers in their respective teams/sports.

The term of the committee is a maximum of one academic year; it may be re-elected/renewed. It should start in the fall semester and end on August 31 of the following year. The newly formed committee must, in their first meeting, elect a chair and two vice-chairs from within their committee. The committee member receiving the highest votes is automatically elected as chair. The one who gets the second-highest votes is elected as the first vice-chair, provided that he or she is the opposite gender of the selected chairperson. The second vice-chair is the person with the third highest votes, provided that both team sports and individual sports nominees are represented as chair and first vice-chair. If not, then the person with the highest number of votes of the non-represented group (team or individual sport) will be elected as second vice-chair. The elections will be administrated, conducted, and approved by AUC's Office of Athletics.

The Office of Athletics has the right to add up to a maximum of four student-athletes. This additional right is given to be able to maintain a good balance of the committee, that guarantees gender equality, team and Individual sport balance as well as international student representation.

For more information about how the athletes' committee is managed, refer to the Office of Athletics.

Committee Meetings

  • The committee meets at least once every two months 
  • AUC's Office of Athletics is responsible for everything within its means so that the commission can meet.
  • All meeting minutes and recommendations have to be sent in writing to the AUC Office of Athletics within one week of the set meeting date.