Sports Registration

Students who compete as athletes for  AUC in different tournaments and championships benefit from the following:

International Trips: AUC athletes play not only in the university and sector circuits but also internationally. Teams travel together and have great experiences meeting teams from other countries, competing, and exploring new countries. 

Quality Coaching: Our coaches are among the best in their fields and offer our student-athletes the best coaching possible. 

Sports Scholarships: AUC currently offers outstanding players in recognized AUC sports partial tuition discounts.  For more information, click here.

AUC Gear: As an athlete, you receive complimentary AUC-branded athletics gear so that you look your best in local and international competitions.

Being a Part of the Team: Becoming part of a team of AUC student-athletes helps you grow your teamwork skills and creates friendships that extend beyond your years at AUC.  


To be selected as an AUC athlete, you cannot be on academic probation and must have clean conduct and academic integrity record.  Tryouts are normally held during the first month of each semester.


To try out for an AUC sport: 

  • Sign up for tryouts in your desired sport on the AUC Connect App.
  • Take the following medical tests at a verified hospital or clinic:
    • Echo: echocardiography 
    • ECG: Electrocardiogram
    • Chest X-Ray for the lungs 
    • Laboratory tests:
      • CBC: Complete Blood Count
      • RBS: Random Blood Sugar
  • Bring the results and the doctor’s stamped cover letter to the Office of Athletics. Get an “all-clear” from the Office of Athletics.
  • If you make the cut, your coach will inform you and you will join your sport’s team on the  AUC-Connect App. 
  • Sign off that you have read and understood the Student-Athlete’s Code of Conduct 
  • Attend Student-athlete Orientation Day.


Athletic Scholarship

This is an annual scholarship provided to a select number of students who participate in University-sponsored sports. Students who are awarded this scholarship receive a partial reduction in their tuition for a maximum of 15 credit hours per semester. 

For eligibility and application process, click here.