Sports Complex

The Office of Athletics offers quality athletic activities and learning opportunities to all students. Its programs promote a healthy lifestyle, discipline, teamwork and leadership development, as well as high standards of ethical conduct and sportsmanship. The sports program emphasizes health and enjoyment through recreation, fitness, competitions and sound physical habits.  

Sports facilities at AUC New Cairo are extensive and cater to a wide cross-section of activities and programs. We hope our sports center meets your needs for exercise and recreational activities and provides a competitive outlet for interested students.

Sports equipment is available for every kind of sport for checkout-free of charge at the control desk near the locker rooms.


The Office of Athletics aims to enrich the lives of our students. We are invested in competitive excellence as we challenge both students and student-athletes alike to develop their best selves as athletes, teammates, students, and ultimately citizens of the world. As athletes, they embody physical strength and learn the value of movement in incorporating healthy activities and habits in their lives.

Through sport, we are committed to teaching how to work collaboratively to reach performance goals, how to embrace the diversity of thought and culture, how to persevere through failure with resiliency and how to compete with integrity. 

We strive to engage our community through fitness and recreation to encourage holistic and healthy living, to build confidence, and to confront challenges both physically and mentally.

Intramural Activities

We arrange student tournaments and competitions between teams and schools.

We organize and manage sports days for the different University constituencies (AUC Alumni, Student Union, Office of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources, School of Business, School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, Career Center, Office of Safety and Security, and the Office of Facilities and Operations).

We also organize and manage staff soccer tournaments. 

Community Services

We host and organize events, sports days and tournaments for the Egyptian Universities Sports Federation (EUSF) (local and international) and for organizations including the Special Olympics and Hospital 57357.

Benefits of Joining an AUC Sports Teams

Students-athletes who are representing AUC in different tournaments and championships will enjoy the following benefits:

  • International Trips: Outstanding athletes and sports teams who represent AUC in different sporting events and achieve an overall high record and demonstrate good sportsmanship and commitment in training, will have the opportunity to represent AUC in an international tournament and sports trips.
  • Quality Coaching: All our coaches are among the best in their fields to offer our student-athletes the best training possible to be able to compete with a high level of excellence in their respective sport.
  • Athletic Scholarships: This is an annual partial scholarship provided to a selected number of students who participate in University-sponsored sports. To qualify for a sports scholarship, you need to apply through the Office of Student Financial Affairs and Scholarships. For more information, click here
  • AUC Gear: Each athlete receives free AUC athletics gear (t-shirt, warm-up jacket and pants) to be used in local and international competitions.
  • Be Part of the Team: Become part of a team of students like yourself looking to enhance their athletic capabilities and have fun.