Strength and conditioning room

Fiscal Year 22-23 Athletics Facilities Rules and Regulations

As of fall 2022, a sports membership subscription and an online payment will be available for the below members:

  1. Alumni
  2. Part-time staff
  3. Part-time faculty 
  4. Service agreements providers 
  5. Research assistants 
  6. Teacher assistants

AUC students and full-time staff and faculty are allowed to use the sports facilities for free.

Fiscal Year 22-23 Rules and Regulations - Swimming Pool and Gym

Use of the Outdoor Facilities

All students, faculty, staff and alumni with access to campus may use the outdoor courts and fields without the need to register on AUC Connect. The tennis center court is available at all times from 8:30 am - 9:45 pm.

Use of the Gym, Pool and Squash Courts

All students, faculty, staff and alumni with access to campus and who are fully vaccinated will have access to the gym, pool and squash courts.

Steps to Register for Gym, Pool and Squash Courts

Vaccinated members of the AUC community who have access to campus will be added to AUC Connect and will be able to sign up to use these facilities.
If you are vaccinated but are not yet able to access the AUC Connect “event” to sign up to use the gym or pool, contact
Make sure to sign up one day in advance to use the gym, pool or squash courts.

Gym, Pool and Squash Courts Hours of Operation

The daily hours of operation for the gym rooms, including the cardio and strength rooms, the pool and the squash courts, will be posted on AUC Connect.

Capacity and length of Work-Outs at the Gym, Pool and Squash Courts

Up to 60 people can register to use the two gym rooms combined at any one time. Up to 40 people can use the pool at any one time. Up to eight people can use the squash courts (two people per court) at any one time. AUC Connect will provide 75-minute reservation slots.

Health and Safety 

All gym users are expected to wipe down equipment after use, using the available spray sanitizers and paper towels. Proper cleaning of equipment and pool water will take place during hours when the facilities are closed to individuals. Signs encouraging physical distancing will be posted in visible locations.

When using the facilities, observe the following:

  1. Athletics staff will verify your reserved time via AUC-Connect. Show the staff member at the door the confirmation email you received from AUC-Connect to check in.
  2. Leave your AUC ID card with our staff member and take a numbered card. Return the card to retrieve your AUC ID card when you leave.
  3. Keep your social distance at all times. Social distancing requires you and others to remain two meters apart at all times.
  4. Use of masks is required except when actively working out.
  5. No contact training.
  6. No equipment sharing (working in with others).
  7.  Disinfect and wipe equipment surfaces before and after using the equipment for your own safety.

Important Note: Rules and regulations are subject to change according to the latest health advisory.


  • First Violation: Loss of ability to register on AUC-Connect for two weeks.
  • Second Violation: The student will be banned for the entire semester. If an athlete, no access to the facilities for the entire semester, even to practice with the team. The team captain will be informed.