Another Successful Semester for the Eagles

Fall 2019 was a busy one for AUC Eagles. Starting with sports tryouts that took place from September 8 to September 20, where over 700 AUC students showed up to try out for our 21 sports teams of which 300 athletes were selected. An orientation meeting was held for the new and existing athletes to familiarize them with their coaches, staff, SAAC representatives, and what is expected of them for the semester.

Teams went on to prepare for this semester’s competitions; Euroijada Berlin, The 5th Sectors Tournament and the 47th National Universities Tournament. In preparation, many friendly games were played on and off-campus in addition to the regular training schedules for the athletes to give them a kick start and warm them up mentally and physically for the competitions ahead.

The 5th Sectors Tournament qualifications round for team sports was held and hosted at AUC's sports complex during October. Twelve different universities from our sector participate in the tournament every year since 2006. AUC teams who participated this fall were men’s football, women’s futsal, men and women’s basketball, men and women’s volleyball. Our eagles made us proud by qualifying for finals which will be played next semester on campus. The rest of our sports teams will have their sectors' competitions during Spring 2020.


Photo by Menna ElDecken


photo by Dina El Kilany


Photo by Yara Dauod


After a successful start of the year, five of our teams were picked to travel to Berlin to compete in the Euroijada Tournament; men and women’s basketball, men and women’s volleyball and women’s futsal. Our teams performed very well in such a competitive tournament with over 70 universities worldwide. Both women’s futsal and basketball finished 2nd despite being the youngest teams among their sports.


Photo by Menna ElDecken


Photo by Menna ElDecken


As for the 46th National Universities Tournament, AUC Eagles were flying all over Egypt to compete. From Alexandria to Monofeya to Mansoura, and even upper Egypt where the men’s handball team won a tough game against Asyout University by two points which, bumped them up from 2nd division to 1st division college sports. Four of our seven AUC teams who have participated in the tournament so far were qualified to go to semifinals during the Spring semester.


Men's Handball in Asyout 

Men's Basketball in Zagazig