Special Olympics Mini Games at AUC

Special Olympics

In 2015, the Office of Athletics recreation, fitness, and health manager Amira Farag along with three AUC students, traveled with the Special Olympics teams to Los Angles California Special Olympics World Cup representing Egypt and AUC as a sponsor. Ever since then, at least one AUC staff member or student was present in all the Special Olympics games in Egypt and abroad as part of AUC’s ongoing support to the organization and what it stands for.

In 2018, the Student-Athletes Advisory Committee was formed and chose Special Olympics as their designated charity. SAAC took on helping and fundraising for the Special Olympics as their main project. The SAAC students all received a training session about special needs children and how to deal with them and cater to their needs during their games.

The Student-Athletes Advisory Committee is planning to host the first Special Olympics Medical Conference on December 22, 2019. The conference will take place in Bassily Auditorium. The conference aims at gathering and training medical services providers being individual practitioners and entities on how to cater to special needs athletes. In further plans, AUC and Special Olympics plan to incorporate SAAC more in their ongoing partnership and send at least one SAAC athlete on all Special Olympics games abroad to represent Egypt and AUC.